Speed Debates

Join us to catch up with old friends and meet new ones (even in in a quarantine), network and have fun while we Speed Debate and support the NYCUDL!

Who:  All members of Debate Alumni NYC

What: Three 15 minute 1 v1 rounds (2 min case, 90 second cross, 2 min rebuttal, 1 min summary, 90 seconds of prep).  Pick your topic for each round from the options below.  No prep necessary!  Judges will be current high school student debaters Receptfriaapoteket.

When: Thursday, June 11th, 6-8pm

Where: classrooms.debate.nyc, same platform where the 2020 E-Tournament of Champions took place.

Fee: Free for Members

Suggested Donation: A Cup of Coffee for the New York City Urban Debate League.  

COVID-19 has highlighted the inequities in our education system. Studies show that students experience 20% learning loss during the summer (“Summer Slide”).  Summer has now been extended for many of New York City’s low resourced students and debaters  from March to September.  Help the NYCUDL curb the effects of extended Summer Slide by supporting their extensive online debate programming and Summer Institute.


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